Recruit - The GI Group is seeking for persons who welcome challenges

Recruitment information

The GI Group is recruiting people who are interested in the Group and can contribute to it.

Carrier adoption

Recruitment information:

We have a unique business model and expand the business in response to economic conditions within it.
We aim to build a large enterprise group and are active in a wide range of business areas.
Therefore, there are many stages, in a variety of business areas that you can match to your ability and many opportunities that we can grow together.
We welcome people who have a strong, challenging spirit.

Exertion of your practical skills
We can provide enough opportunity that you can showcase your skills.

For a higher operating mind and strong challenging spirit
We can also provide enough challenging stages within the many facets of our business.

Merit-based reward
Regardless of age or seniority, we evaluate from your results directly.
In addition, we will create a position appointed to a significant merit.

Apply to: GI Group Personnel Office
Inquire by telephone at +81-3-6703-0140
Inquire by e-mail to

Hiring of new graduates

Qualification requirements

graduating college student and grad student in 2013

Screening Process and Schedule

Here is the screening process flow for 2013 new graduates.

Application Entry

Company Briefing for Applicants(dates to be announced)

Interview and test(Several times)

Job offer

We are looking for the following

Candidates for future management

GI group is aimed at the establishment of a strong group within the many branches of the business.
We hire people who have potential and eager to work as a core member of our business in the future.

Job Positions

We hire on a general career basis.

We expect you to also establish your future vision, studying the business of the GI group.

While working as a sales associate in each company of the GI group at the beginning of your career, we aspire you to learn:

  1. the reason GI group is developing the business in the area.
  2. the domain identity and the scale of its potential growth.
  3. to clarify your own vision.
  4. the business which you want to develop in the future.
  5. the types of jobs you are best suited for.

Stay current with rapid change

The most important feature of GI Group is the ability to change quickly.
For example
We are entering into new business areas one after another.
We are quick to move forward and withdraw if we get no results.
We raise new companies and often merge them.
You will instantly recognize the reason for the movement of the company and switch to keep pace with fast motion.
We hope that you consistently strive to create new business.

Working Conditions

Salary: Monthly salary: 210,000 yen or more
Annual salary system 2,520,000 yen or more
Allowance: Commuter allowance Overtime compensation, etc.
Salary review: Once a year
In the annual salary system, the assessment of an employee and business would determine their salary.
Work location: Head office in Tokyo or main office in Japan
Work Hours Standard Work Hours: 9:00-17:30(Different schedules are set for some divisions).
In the future, Employees may also work in offices nationwide and overseas offices, including the Group companies.
Day offs and vacations: Five-day work week according to the national calendar
Summer vacation around four days, Year-end/New-year holiday around seven days, Golden-week holidays, and other holidays
Others: annual paid holidays, special holidays
Leave: Child care leave, family care leave and others
Social security: Employment insurance, Industrial injury insurance, Health insurance, and Employees' pension
Apply to: Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo, 106-6029, JAPAN
OGI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-3-6703-0100   Fax: +81-3-6703-0105
E-mail: grad hiring staff


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